VOICE Talks Named 2021
Webby People’s Voice Award Winner

Hailed as the “internet’s highest honor” by The New York Times, The Webby Awards is the leading international awards organization honoring excellence on the Internet. The Webby People’s Voice Awards attracts millions of votes each year from all over the world. From a category of five, VOICE Talks was voted the winner in Virtual & Remote: Technology by the community. Thank you!



Our 5-word acceptance speech celebrating this award-winning show created by a dedicated team who have never met in person.

Pete Headshot 2020

Pete Erickson

CEO, Modev

“We are incredibly honored to receive this Webby Award for VOICE Talks, which was made possible through our partnership with the Google Assistant Product Partnerships team. This recognition is a testament to the ability of a group of tech professionals across geographies and companies to move quickly in the face of a shifting world and create something unique and of value to the community. VOICE Talks has allowed us to grow the ecosystem remotely and we’re grateful for all those who have tuned in this past year.”

Leslie Garcia-Amaya

Ecosystem Partnerships Lead, Google Assistant

“We’re proud to bring the latest advancements in AI Voice to the broader community through engaging discussions with voice experts and thought leaders in the space. It’s incredible to see how much the content has resonated with the community, a testament to the VOICE Talks team’s great work in bringing this show to life over the past year.”


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