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"VOICE Talks" initially launched in 2020 as a 3-pilot series aimed to grow the voice-tech ecosystem and developer community. Produced by Modev and presented by Google Assistant, the hour-long, Webby Award-winning show touches on the latest trends, tech and updates for the industry. Now in its second season, VOICE Talks is among the fastest growing internet shows focused on voice enabled technologies. "VOICE Talks” is hosted by the charismatic thought leader Sofia Altuna, Global Product Partnerships, Google Assistant, and features industry leaders discussing the latest developments relating to artificial intelligence (AI)-powered voice technologies.

The unique thing about voice is that it makes technology available to everyone: kids, adults, older people. That’s a very powerful thing these days while people are spending more time at home as it can help us be more productive and add more value to our spaces.

Manuel Bronstein

VP Product Management Google

Of the top ten use cases that people claim that they are using smart speakers for, five of them fall into the entertainment category

Bret Kinsella

Founder, CEO of Voiceboit.ai

In Google search, we saw that the highest reach in a query around how to work from home with kids. Parents are really looking for ways to navigate life and keep their kids nutritiously entertained.

Lilian Rincon

Senior Director of Product Management, Google


Meet Your Host

Sofia Altuna

Sofia Altuna works on Global Product Partnerships for the Google Assistant. She has been responsible for the go-to-market strategy for multiple Google Assistant features, and is most currently working on Google Assistant on Mobile initiatives to provide a faster way for users to access and navigate their Android apps. Outside of Google, she's on the advisory board of Virtual Events Institute, and has served as a critter for the Cornell Tech MBA Crit program.

VOICE Thought Leaders

Bret Kinsella

Founder and CEO of Voicebot.ai

Bret Kinsella is CEO and founder of Voicebot.ai, the most cited source of research, data, analysis,and news related to the voice and AI industries. Bret was named Commentator of the Year by the Alexa Conference in 2019 and both Voice AI journalist of the Year and Commentator of the Year by Project Voice 2020. A past executive at Sapient and Accenture as well as technology startups, Kinsella earned degrees from UCLA and the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Jessica Dene Earley Cha

Developer Relations Engineer

Jessica Dene Earley-Cha started her career in the non-profit world before deciding to following her passion and attending a coding bootcamp. She is a Developer Relations Engineer at Google and uses the skills from her previous career and her current expertise to empower others to overcome individual challenges, as well as utilize them to better the community around them.

Katherine Prescott

Founder and Editor at VoiceBrew

We have featured over 89 brands on our show.

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