Season 2, Episode 2 February 25, 2PM ET

Starting a New Decade with VOICE and AI

This month’s VOICE Talks will take a “cloud-level” look (pun intended) at how artificial intelligence data will eventually make voice-enabled technologies, and in turn machines and devices behave more like humans.


Meet the Speakers


Saurabh Sharma

Head of Google Assistant Investments Program

Product leader experienced with consumer app development, identity, trust & safety, machine learning, healthcare, and social media. Experienced in building and leading collaborative / cross-functional teams from 0 to scale. Well-versed in operating in regulated spaces. 


Braden Ream

CEO at Voiceflow

Braden Ream is the CEO of Voiceflow.


Some of his achievements include:

- founded non-profit startup accelerator W5, provides capital, mentorship, and resources to 15 student-run companies per year. Total W5 company successes surpass 10m app downloads and 1.5m in revenue
- launched successful social networking application reaching 3 campuses (Flare)


Jan König

Co-founder, Jovo

I'm one of the founders of Jovo, the open-source voice layer. Build voice experiences that work across platforms and devices, including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung Bixby, web apps, mobile phones, and more. 


Jessica Dene Earley-Cha

Developer Relations Engineer

Jessica Dene Earley-Cha is from Calexico, CA and received her bachelor’s in Sociology, Education: Applied Psychology from UCSB. She spent almost a decade working with at-risk youth with mental health challenges in disadvantaged areas. Jessica decided to follow her passion of coding and graduated from a software Boot Camp.  

Currently, Jessica is a Developer Advocate for Google Assistant.


Jeff Adams

Founder & CEO, Cobalt Speech & Language

Jeff Adams has been at the forefront of prominent speech & language technology for over 20 years. He has been the CEO and founder of Cobalt Speech since 2014. He’s been responsible for developing and improving speech recognition for Nuance’s “Dragon” dictation software, enabling it for consumer adoption. He was led the efforts that helped develop products such as the Amazon Echo, Dash and FireTV.

For more information on Cobalt Speech, click here.


Michael Myers

Product & Engineering at XAPP AI

Michael Myers is an accomplished technologist and the Vice President of Product and head of development at XAPPmedia, bringing more than 1200 Alexa Skills and Google Actions live. The company has recently introduced its machine teaching technologies in both custom assistant development and complex intent models.

For more information on XAPP media, click here.


Ashwin Ram

Technical Director of AI, Office of the CTO, Google Cloud

Dr. Ashwin Ram is Technical Director of AI in the Office of the CTO for Google Cloud. He focuses on bringing Google AI to the world through deep personalized engagement with the leadership of top companies to reimagine their businesses by leveraging the power of AI. He also works with Google’s AI teams to drive new technologies and capabilities that address customer needs.


Ashwin is a distinguished AI researcher, technologist, and entrepreneur. Prior to Google, Ashwin was Senior Manager of AI Science for Amazon Alexa. He led cross-functional R&D initiatives to create advanced Conversational AI technologies for intelligent agents, including the university-facing Alexa Prize competition.


Carl Robinson

Co-Founder and CEO at Rumble Studio, Host of the Voice Tech Podcast

Carl Robinson is a machine learning engineer in training, specializing in voice technology and is currently participating in research on voice emotion conversion in Paris. He is the co-founder and CEO of Rumble Studio, that offers the user an opportunity to record audio easily, no skills or equipment required. He also is the founder and host of the Voice Tech podcast, where you can tune and listen to conversations with voice technology professionals, and boost your knowledge and technical skills.

Click here to learn more about Rumble Studio, or to listen to the Voice Tech Podcast, follow this link.


Jeferson Valadares

Co-founder and CEO, Doppio

Jeferson Valadares is the Chief Executive Officer and a co-founder of Doppio Games.

A game development veteran, he’s previously led studios such a BioWare, Playfish and Sumea and held executive roles at global publishers Electronic Arts and Bandai Namco. He helped design and develop worlds like some you may have seen in Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Harry Potter, and The Simpsons.

You can learn more about Doppio Games here.

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I think we're actually going to have the roaring 2020s which is amazing when you think about roaring. How do you roar? It comes from your voice and we're going to be embracing that... 

Dr. Teri Fisher
Physician and Voice Enthusiast 

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