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January 28th. 2PM ET. 

"How Consumers Connect to Tech with their Voice."


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January 28th, 2PM ET

How Consumers Connect to Tech with their Voice

We're bringing you an episode on today's voice technology for the consumer. 

Bret Kinsella will tell you how consumers are expected to use voice tech in 2021.

VoiceBrew's Katherine Prescott will outline how consumers can use the Assistant to keep their New Year's Resolutions.

Is one of your resolutions to start developing voice applications?

Google's Developer Relation's Toni Klopfenstein will walk you through 3 easy ways to get started building for the Assistant.

Lance Koenders from Verizon will also be joining for an exciting product update. 


Bret_Kinsella (1)

Brett Kinsella

Founder and CEO of Voicebot.ai


Katherine Prescott

Founder and Editor at VoiceBrew


Lance Koenders

Developer Relations Engineer, Google 

Toni Klopfenstein

Toni Klopfenstein

Developer Advocate, Google 



Episode 7, Dec 10th 2020

A Year In Voice

We're so excited to share predictions for VOICE in 2021 from an array of industry leaders. Join us as we celebrate all of the industry advancements during this past year, and look forward to a year of more. 

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Asset 1322

Leslie Garcia-Amaya

Global Product Partnerships, AI at Google

Asset 1522

Sachin Kumar

Founding Team Member and CTO at TupeloLife, Google
Developer Expert, Head of GDG (Google Developers Group) Doha

Asset 1122

Dr. Teri Fisher

Physician | TEDx Performer | Author | Podcaster | Briefcaster | Clinical Asst Prof | Alexa Champion | #VoiceFirst

Eli Dawson

Eli Dawson

Co-Founder, CEO at StatMuse

Cathy Pearl

Cathy Pearl

Design Manager, Google Assistant 


Rebecca Nathenson

Rebecca Nathenson

Director of Product Management, Google Assistant

Episode 6, Oct 29th 2020

Helping at Home: When Visual Meets VOICE

We joined host Sofia Altuna on October 29th 2020 as VOICE Talks explored the intersection of visual and voice technology.

Visual and voice tech are increasingly becoming a part of our lives; from managing schedules to keeping up with family and household routines, smart displays are becoming the gold standard of voice assistants. Bespoken also joined us for our Ecosystem Update and share their research comparing the capabilities of various digital assistants in answering complex questions.

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Asset 1322

Rebecca Nathenson

Director of Product Management, Google Assistant

Asset 1522

John Kelvie

Founder and CEO, Bespoken

Asset 1122

Katelyn Mason

Global Business Development, Google Assistant

Asset 1022

Dave Rudnick

Senior Vice President Interactive/Monetization at VIZIO

Asset 1722

Alex Selig

Product Manager - Nest, Google

Asset 1222

Graham Sidwell

Head of Product Development at Pottermore

Jessica Dene Early-Cha

Developer Advocate at Google

Episode 5, August 2020

How Brands Are Using Voice to Talk to Their Customers

We heard from some of your favorite brands discussing their strategy, best practices and metrics. Starting episode 5, we had a new segment where our developer expert, Jessica Dene Earley-Cha answered your specific questions!

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Episode 4, July 2020

Diversity, Inclusivity and Accessibility in VOICE

On Episode 4, we joined host Sofia Altuna from the Google Assistant product team as she talks with very special geusts all about Diversity, inclusivity and accessibility in VOICE

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Episode 3

How Voice is Shaping Education & Entertainment

Join host Sofia Altuna from the Google Assistant product team as she introduces Episode 3 of VOICE Talks discussing How Voice Technology is Shaping Education and Entertainment

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Episode 2

Building for Voice First Experience

On this episode of VOICE Talks, join host Sofia Altuna from the Google Assistant product team as she introduces an all female line up of voice experts focusing on Building for Voice First Experiences.

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Episode 1

Voice Technology and Worldwide Health Crisis

Learn from Google experts Manuel Bronstein and Danny Bernstein about how voice technology is increasingly focusing on helpfulness and how the industry is addressing the worldwide health crisis for both consumers and businesses alike.

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Meet your host, Sofia.

Sofia Altuna works on Global Product Partnerships for the Google Assistant. She has been responsible for the go-to-market strategy for multiple Google Assistant features, and is most currently working on Google Assistant on Mobile initiatives to provide a faster way for users to access and navigate their Android apps. Outside of Google, she's on the advisory board of Virtual Events Institute, and has served as a critter for the Cornell Tech MBA Crit program.

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