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"Best Practices for Designing, Building, and Marketing Voice Experiences"

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Are you a developer, marketing agency, or brand looking to explore integrating voice technology into your app or website? The role voice platforms can play in helping brands explore voice opportunities is vast; everything from technology innovation to developing product features and shaping product roadmaps, to using voice as part of a comprehensive GTM strategy. More than ever, consumers expect brands to bring versatility, creativity, innovation, and helpfulness to their user experience and daily lives. There’s no question that voice tech is primed to be part of your brand’s strategy. Is your company ready to dive in? 

Learn from experts in the voice ecosystem on fundamentals in executing, designing, and building voice. You will also hear what brands can do post-launch to increase the reach of this powerful technology.

Meet the Speakers

Noelle Silver

Noelle Silver

SVP, AI Solutions at ElectrifAi

Formerly the Vice President of Digital Technology at NPR, Noelle Silver is now the SVP of AI Solutions with ElectrifAi. She has founded both the Ai Leadership Institute and Womenin.Ai and was announced as a Top Influencer in Voice and was a recipient of VentureBeat's Women in Ai Aware for Ai Mentorship. Noelle has performed keynotes and workshops on several topics, including Conversational Ai and Voice Development and Ai for All: Changing the Landscape of business and development. She believes in mindful leadership and is passionate about machine learning and using what she's learned to empower others to achieve more!
Hear more about Noelle by visiting this link.

Sarah Nelson

Sr. Director, Strategic Partnerships at Samsung

With over 10 years of experience and deep knowledge of the video streaming ecosystem, Sarah Nelson is the Senior Director of Business Development, Content and Services at Samsung. She was formerly the Director of Business Development at Boxee. 
Wally Brill

Wally Brill,

Head of Conversation Design Outreach & Education at Google

With over 20 years of experience, Wally Brill has helped facilitate the connection between smart devices and companies and their customers. As the Head of Conversation Design Advocacy & Education at Google, he helps internal groups and external partners develop and maintain best practices of conversation design for the Google Assistant. To read an article written by Wally recently on lessons he’s learned from building games and stories for smart displays, you can visit this link.
To learn more about Wally, you can click here.
Brandon Kaplan

Brandon Kaplan

Founder & CEO of Skilled Creative

Passionate about technology from a young age, Brandon Kaplan has both worked for and founded companies that allowed him to explore technology and ignite his creativity. He is currently the CEO and Founder of Skilled Creative, where he and his team help their partners explore how emerging technologies like VOICE can impact their business and marketing strategies. Skilled Creative has worked with clients like PepsiCo, Pfizer, Wall Street Journal, Entertainment Weekly, All Recipes, Simon & Schuster, ABI-INBEV, and a number of other great brands.
To learn more about Brandon, follow this link.
Heather Peterson

Heather Peterson

Creative Accounts & Product Strategist at Skilled Creative

Heather is an account manager and creative strategist for Skilled Creative, a voice-first marketing agency that has helped some of the biggest brands in the world build best-in-class voice programs on Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Samsung Bixby, and third-party platforms. Heather has experience creating virtual personalities and interactions, developing and executing content and brand strategy, and writing for a variety of platforms and audiences. 
To learn more about Heather, please visit this link.
Jessica Dene Earley-Cha

Jessica Dene Earley-Cha

Developer Advocate at Google

Jessica Dene Earley-Cha started her career in the non-profit world before deciding to following her passion and attending a coding boot camp. She is a Developer Relations Engineer at Google and uses the skills from her previous career and her current expertise to empower others to overcome individual challenges, as well as utilize them to better the community around them.
To learn more about Jessica, please click here 
Allen Firstenberg

Allen Firstenberg

Project Guru at Objective Consulting, Inc

Allen Firstenberg is a Project Guru at Objective Consulting, Inc. His goal is to help people use such technologies to discover and build experiences that can be achieved in no other way – whether it's how they interact, play games, or just record precious moments in time with their families.
To hear more about Allen, click here.
Denis Valasek

Denis Valášek

Co-founder of

Beginning his Voice development journey in 2017, Denis Valášek is a young software developer and a co-founder of Yadada, an app that helps boost the user's English speaking skills. Denis is both a GDG Ostrava organizer and a GDE for Google Assistant and works with Google Education Groups to bring new trends and methodology to the Czech education system. By the age of 18, he had already spoken at over 15 events and conferences, taught over 100 hours and influenced 500+ people. 
To learn more about Denis, please click here.

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